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01.09.2016 Addition a "It's interesting" section
04.08.2014 My site has been moved. The new address is http://www.ordinarypencil.ltd.ua/
06.03.2013 Addition video to the "Production" section
03.12.2012 Redesigned site
08.01.2011 Update of the "History" section
18.02.2008 The web-page moves to a new site. The site filing might be faster from now on
04.03.2006 TV show "DYVAKY" (TV Channel - "TONIS") is coming out with a plot about my pencil collection
03.12.2005 Television shots for the "DYVAKY" TV show (TV Channel - "TONIS")
14.03.2005 The collection reaches 1482 pencils
14.03.2005 Many pencils have been piled up in the collection, some of them are waiting for registration
24.05.2004 Addition more photographs of 15 pencils from Pakistan. The collection reaches 1458 pencils
19.04.2004 The collection reaches 1426 pencils
02.11.2003 Enhancement and update of the "Collection" section
02.03.2003 The site is renovated and updated. The collection reaches 1253 pencils
11.11.2002 The Guest Book works good
17.03.2002 Addition the second e-mail
18.01.2002 Addition the new photographs from catalogues of different time periods, starting from 1900
18.01.2002 Update of the "History" section
22.08.2001 Update of the "History" section
11.04.2001 Addition of Russian-speaking collectors' addresses to the "Links" section
13.03.2001 The collection reaches 700 pencils
24.11.2000 New arrival of Soviet and American pencils. The total quantity of pencils in the collection is 616
15.10.2000 The collection reaches 500 pencils
02.10.2000 Update of the "Collection" section
04.06.2000 Enhancement of the "Collection" section
31.03.2000 Some more photographs of the Soviet Union pencils in a "Collection" section
26.03.2000 Addition of a "History" section and update of an "It's Interesting" section
14.03.2000 400 pencils!
08.03.2000 The link to my web-page http://www.ordinarypencil.narod.ru/
27.02.2000 Update of the site design
20.02.2000 The collection reaches 398 pencils
03.02.2000 The collection reaches 385 pencils, addition some more photographs of pencils
16.12.1999 Addition a "Guest Book"
11.12.1999 Addition a "Manufacture" section
12.11.1999 Update of the main page, addition the counter of visitors
20.10.1999 Creation of a site